(12th November 2015)  For immediate releaseBonavista Creative 500

Bonavista Living and Bonavista Creative are proud to announce the details of a unique investment in the historic community of Bonavista, Newfoundland. The company’s core principles are; to restore and preserve the existing built heritage of Bonavista, systematically protecting and capitalizing upon its heritage resources, while creating a more livable community for all. One of the oldest settlements in North America, Bonavista has a history of European settlement which stretches back to Giovanni Caboto’s landing in 1497. Settlers were drawn to Bonavista because of its close proximity to the rich fishing grounds of the Grand Banks. Bonavista rivaled St. John’s as a centre of commerce in early Newfoundland where Merchants and Fishermen flourished on a wide flat coastal plain.

The success of the economy afforded the opportunity to bring architects and master builders to Bonavista to create a style of construction unique to the town. The design and craftsmanship that defines these early properties has greatly impacted construction style in the community and province over the centuries. Currently, Bonavista is home to the finest designated inventory of built heritage in rural Newfoundland. This heritage creates a unique sense of place that will, through this family of companies, spur economic regeneration and inspire imaginative new development throughout the town’s historic downtown core. Bonavista Living and Bonavista Creative, with varied long term goals will operate in a complimentary fashion to not only restore physical buildings but also work to foster new enterprise to benefit the Bonavista region

Bonavista Living

Bonavista Living has acquired 25 of Bonavista’s residential heritage properties which it will restore and rejuvenate to their original glory. These properties have been chosen for their architectural and historical significance, placement within charming historic neighborhoods, as well as the level of threat they are under. Each property will be completely restored and used as vacation rentals, affordable housing units, and many sold as private homes. Bonavista Living will inject new life into once vacant properties through preservation and redevelopment, thus awakening quaint laneways and fisherman’s footpaths while offering quintessential and authentic outport space.

​Bonavista Creative
Bonavista Creative’s mission is to foster and promote new and unique businesses that will contribute to the local economy, thereby enhancing the community. Located on the main thoroughfare of Church Street, Bonavista’s downtown core, this operation will offer commercial space for crafts people, artisans, food vendors and many other professional services not currently operating in the area. These spaces will be offered at very competitive rates to minimize risk for new business owners.

Bonavista Creative has also recently launched Bonavista Creative Workshop. The workshop brings together a collection of local highly skilled heritage carpenters specializing in wooden window and door construction for both residential and commercial application. Not only will this operation supply Bonavista Living and Bonavista Creative but also will accept private restoration and woodworking projects throughout the province. Through all of these operations, Bonavista Living and Bonavista Creative hopes to enhance the livability of the community and region through filling niche markets from creative enhancement of existing resources. “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats”, both residents, as well as visitors to this historic community can look to a bright future on the tip of the Bonavista Peninsula.

John Norman
​Chief Operations Officer, Bonavista Living / Bonavista Creative
Tel: 709-468-1848
Cell: 709-468-8696

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